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What is Camera Shake and How Do I Avoid It?

"My images appear blurred and a friend says this is caused by camera shake. What is this and how can I avoid it?"

If your digital camera makes even a small movement when you take a picture, you are at risk of having a blurred image. The reason for this is camera shake.

Digital cameras need to be got used to. Those new to digital photography, especially using compacts, should realise that the must use the shutter release button properly. Initially, by pressing the button halfway, the camera measures and sets itíŽs exposure and focussing parameters. The second press takes the photo.

Low light also leads to the possibility of camera shake. Here the aperture is wider (to let more light in) and therefore the shutter speed is slow. Using a long and heavy lens will also cause difficulty in holding the camera steady. Try to steady yourself or use a tripod for support. If you don't have a remote shutter release, use the self-timer to trigger the shutter button.

If you don't have a tripod handy, hold the camera steady using your elbows braced against your body for support. Holding the camera firmly against your forehead also helps.

Setting a faster shutter speed will also minimise the possibility of blurred images. And in low light conditions, using a flashgun will prevent blurring.

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