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Photo Editing Tips

Digital Camera Photos: 7 Ways to Improve Them
The fanciest tool in the world still needs a qualified operator, so don't expect that shiny new digital camera to make you an instant pro. Here are 7 tips to help you get better photos.

Dealing with a Lying Monitor
Don't let your monitor lie to you! That's right, while you may make changes to your images that you think are enhancing your image, they may be doing exactly the opposite. Learn how to calibrate your monitor to get the pictures you truly want.

Imperfect Photos And How You Can Fix Them
So your picture came out less then perfect. Blemishes or wrinkles, red eyes and wrong color balance - you can fix it all without having to learn or pay for Adobe Photoshop. Try these tools instead.

Cropping Digital Photos Into Shape
Did you know that in many cases digital photos are cropped by the time they reach paper? If you have never "cropped" your photos manually, you may not be aware that it is happening.

All About Batch Image Format Conversion
If you already have photo editing software on your computer, you may want to know how to convert a number of images at a time to the format you desire.

Photo Editing Made Too Simple?
Taking pictures with a digital camera may be a snap, but editing, improving, and printing your photos and photo projects can ...

Focus on Photo Editing
By now you know that you can easily import photos to your computer using scanners and digital cameras. And relatively inexpensive but high-quality printers ...

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