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Find Movie Downloading Place and Enjoy National Treasure Book of Secrets

Buckle your seat-belt for the ride of a lifetime � download �National Treasure: Book of Secrets� from your favorite online movie download site today. As of June 2, 2008, this Disney treasure is available for you to view whenever you want to. Filled with more action than you can imagine, this film which runs 2 hour and five minutes, will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

From the beginning of the film until the final credits roll, viewers are taken on a globe-trotting romp. Partly based on actual history, the film is also party myth and part mystery. That combination produces intrigue, hi-jinx and a great deal of fun which is suitable for the entire family.

This is a sequel to Disney�s original �National Treasure� which was released in 2004. Sequels are often very disappointing; that is not the case with this movie. Movie critics and viewers agree it is a great movie with an all-star cast. Filled with action, adventure, thrills and spills, �Book of Secrets� follows Ben Gates on this treasure hunt. The movie is especially entertaining because it is a unique blend of mystery, myth and real history.

It delivers on all three levels and even features some cute comedy. Ben Gates is not alone on his journey; he is accompanied by Patrick Gates, his father. Played by fellow Best Actor Oscar-winner, Jon Voight, Patrick is also a spirited adventurer-at-heart and eagerly participates to help Ben search for the Lost City. The onscreen chemistry between Cage and Voight is evident and endearing.

Nick Cage�s performance is outstanding; he brings Ben Gates back to life as he reprises this role. Jon Voight is magical on-screen; playing Patrick Gates as a fun-loving intellectual who loves the hunt as much as his son does. Helen Mirren is always spectacular and she shines in the role of Ben�s mom, Dr. Emily Appleton. Professor Appleton, who has long been estranged from Patrick, joins her family on their quest for truth. Long since divorced from Patrick, Emily is nonetheless convinced to join her family in this search for truth.

Two other great performances are turned in by the lovely Diane Kruger, who plays Abigail Chase � who has a relationship with Ben and by Harvey Keitel, who plays the irascible Agent Sadusky. Harvey Keitel is, perhaps, best know for his performance in Taxi Driver, opposite Robert Di Nero. The final clue, however, will not be revealed until Ben kidnaps an important American politician. Ben is aided and accompanied by love interest, Abigail Chase, played well by relative newcomer, Diane Kruger. Ben, Patrick, Emily and Abigail take viewers on a once in a lifetime ride full of surprising twists and turns. It would be virtually impossible to be bored watching this movie.

Movie downloading sites released �National Treasure: Book of Secrets� in early June. Already, millions of people have downloaded the film. Visit your favorite site and download the movie; you will want to watch it over and over again!.

Isaiah Henry is a download movies site guru that works for MoviesandDownloads.com, which gives its visitors useful unbias information, such as Netflix review.

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