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High Rollers get special treatment

Many high rollers are not aware that they can get better treatment than what is advertised at online casinos. They merely need to contact support and announce themselves as playing at higher stakes and that they would like to have high roller treatment once they have established themselves. Taking time out to do this is often well worth the trouble.

Some online casinos don't wish to impose on high roller players because they don't want to rock the boat. Other online casinos have a banker's mentality (they still have a lot to learn from Vegas) which means they have extra in their budget to offer but won't put it on the table unless they are pressed to do so, and all it really takes is asking. And then there's the simple logic that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

When you're a high roller that will get you a long distance if applied in moderate doses. Online casinos give the high roller all that is advertised on their site of course but it never hurts to ask about any extra or privileged treatment because that might be all that is required to result in a lot of extra perks, but you have to ask about them. This can include extra comp points on top of those promised, gifts arriving on scheduled holidays such as Christmas or Easter, trips to Las Vegas to meet their VIP rep which are all expense paid, one online casino that I know about likes to pamper their big players with items that are of extreme high quality which is usually something a person would never buy because it seemed too frivolous.

The same casino also favors sending baskets filled with gourmet foods, wines and champagnes. Extra bonuses may also be offered. Some online casinos issue special high roller support phone numbers that are manned 24/7 by the very best of support agents who often times are told to satisfy the customer at any reasonable cost. High rollers may be asked their opinion by the casino on everything from games to policy. These are the players the casino seeks more than any other and once established the player can almost write their own ticket in terms of perks and special treatment. If the casino doesn't see that the player has been active for a period of time the VIP manager will be sending an email with some kind of fantastic offer to get the player back and playing.

Many times this offer will simply be a notice that an amount of free casino cash has been added to the player's account and awaits their attention. Sometimes it will have a time limit on using the free casino cash however. One last note on high rollers.

They should contact the casino about special sign up bonuses. Go ahead and register with the casino but before you make your first deposit contact support and ask them to put you in touch with a high roller representative and ask if you make a large deposit if they will give an extra amount in bonus. The worst that can happen is they reply no.

The old saying "nothing ventured, nothing gained" is never more true than when a high roller and dealing with online casinos.

Steve Briggs is the author of this article on Casino Bonus. Find more information about the subject at www.high-roller-casino-bonus.com

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