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The Trials and Tribulations of a Name Tattoo

So you decided you are in love, and the person of your dreams will always be with you. Now it is time to show them just how much you care so you have their name tattooed on your body. All very romantic and showy, but what happens when the relationship peters out? Now you are left with a name on your body in ink that seems indelible. The Pros and Cons of a Name Tattoo There are many reasons you might get a name tattoo. Perhaps your best friend or a loved one has died and you want to honor them with a name tattoo. That is something you will probably never want to get rid of.

Maybe you are a parent and you want to inscribe the name of your children as body art; this too is an acceptable name tattoo. But when you tattoo a name of a person you are currently dating, this is when it can get complicated. Giving tribute to a loved one with a name tattoo is an honor. But you need to be sure that the love you have is going to last forever because the ink will do just that. If you are a fan of an actor, a rock band or some other celebrity, tattooing their name on your body may be a mistake.

How do you know you will still like these people, virtually strangers, long after their name is tattooed on your skin? Getting Rid of an Unwanted Name Tattoo When you have someone's name tattooed on your body, it is a bigger commitment than a marriage ceremony. The vows you make can disappear into the air, but a tattoo can be forever. Though you can always cover a name tattoo with another design, you will always be reminded of why that new design is there. Many people in the heat of the moment feel they want to pledge their love to someone and to show them their intent have their name tattooed on their body. Now that the relationship has ended, the tattoo is still visible.

Even if you have it in a personal area any new relationship you may begin, that person will eventually see the name that is tattooed on you. Tattoos can be removed with laser surgical procedures. This is quite painful and may leave a lasting scar which will still remind you of what was once written there.

Though a name tattoo may seem like a tribute to your true love, it can really backfire when a painful breakup is in your future. If you are not the one doing the separating, it can be a constant reminder of what you have lost. So before you go about putting a name tattoo on your body, think about how long the relationship might last and how committed you are to the other person. As we said, a name tattoo of a child is something you will want forever, but someone you are dating; if it doesn't work out, you will want to rid yourself of any and all reminders and that includes the name tattoo on your body. Copyright (c) 2008 Steven Magill.

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