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Toys for Traveling Must Have Toys for Summer Vacation Road Trips

Summer vacation is now in full swing and that means summer vacation road trips and plane rides. It's hard enough to keep your little ones entertained on the way to the grocery store let alone on a long journey. Summertime travel requires toys that will keep kids entertained that they can do in the car with limited movement. Instead of depending solely on portable DVD players and handheld video games, try offering kids these brain building boredom busters for the ride. Under Cover Detective Kit: The Alex toy company has a knack for understanding kids of all ages. The Under Cover Detective Kit by Alex comes with hours of fun activities for young sleuths like puzzles, codes, fingerprint kits, a secret marker pen set and much more.

Alex Toys won the Openheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award for the Detective Kit. More importantly, kids love it and can stay entertained for hours working through the puzzles and deciphering code. Car Valet: The Car Valet by Alex is a wonderful car ride companion for younger children.

The valet attaches to the back of the front seat and opens up into a portable arts and crafts center. Pack the valet with all of your child's favorite art supplies, stamps, paper, crayons, and coloring books for hours of creative entertainment in the car. Wooden Sewing Box: This little wooden sewing box by Alex is the perfect mini replica of a real sewing box.

Inside are buttons, thread, and beads. The 4 compartments make it easy to store all kinds of car friendly crafts like cross stitch, beads and thread for making necklaces, felt sewing projects, and more. Kids and families are so busy today that it's difficult to find enough peaceful time to sit down and do craft activities. A car ride offers the perfect reason to slow down and engage in a quiet craft activity and the Wooden Sewing Box by Alex gives kids fun way to store and organize their goodies. IQ Baby Beep Traffic Jam by Small World Toys Small World Toys is another of our favorite manufactures of toys for kids of all ages.

The IQ Baby Beep Traffic Jam by Small World Toys is designed specifically to keep toddlers busy in their car seats. The Baby Beep attaches directly onto the stroller or car seat and has lots of colorful interactive activities to engage toddlers. Small World Toys designed this toy with parents in mind too; all of the activities are attached so mom and dad won't be constantly reaching back to pick up dropped pieces. Kids Sleeping Bags Though not a toy, kids sleeping bags are essential for long car rides. Kids love to cuddle up in their own kids sleeping bag during the dark hours of the drive. Colorful kids sleeping bags are built for packing and can be rolled up for easy storage.

When you arrive at your destination, kids sleeping bags help kids feel comfy and cozy in the new environment. For kids, sleeping bags are a way to bring the comfort of home on a new adventure. No matter where your summer adventures take you, get the trip off to a great start with a smooth car or plane ride. Toys that encourage kids to use their imaginations are not only healthy, but keep kids entertained longer. When kids are entertained during long travel, the experience is much more enjoyable for them and for you!.

Author is a writer for My Polka Dots who offers kids sleeping bags and other kids traveling toys. For more information you can visit http://www.MyPolkaDots.com.

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